Note #8: A weeknote

July 01, 2024 · Tagged: note

Last week was a hot and busy week.

  • Some lovely catchups with Clare, Pip, Nick and Frank at Andu Ethiopian, Baguette King/Southwark Park and North Star.
  • Day trip to Brighton Ruby, which was as lovely as ever.
    • Nadia and Nicky opened with energy, good vibes and helpful thoughts
    • I learnt enough about Ractors to know that if I’m using them I’m too far down the stack
    • I know Simon loves SQLite and is probably right, but litestack looks like it makes it a serious possibility for me on my next project (if there is one)
    • Maybe I’d use Minitest too? Is it finally time to give up on the rspec and Cucumber dream
    • “Java is for Platonists, Ruby is for Aristotelians” a talk about comparing programming languages and philosophy - is catnip to me
    • Frontend development in Rails continues to be a mess, and although I love the premise of Hotwire, it just feels like it hasn’t landed, it doesn’t look likely that it will, and I still can’t diagnose why
  • Photo of me at party I spent 24 hours in Bristol for a birthday party
  • I sped back to London to see At The Rainbow’s End
    • TLDR: if you know someone who is LGBTQ+ going into Adult Social Care, it’s probably better they go back into the closet for their own safety
    • That isn’t a great thing thing to say, but I think it should be said a) for people’s safety right now and b) to draw attention to that fact
    • Weirdly I had never been to The Courtyard Theatre before. It’s a nice little space.
    • I was late so jumped into a black cab, and the 60 yr old Shoreditch born driver was lovely in every way. We mostly spoke about Lock Keeper’s cottage, but also about the play I was seeing and how much he loved his new electric cab. I’m mentioning this because it was a surprise.
  • I’m not at Glastonbury or Nowhere this year, but I am still in various crew whatsapp groups from previous years, so I can live it vicariously Screenshot of whatsapp
  • I watched the first series of Utupia. I’d describe it as The Thick Of It but focussing on the civil servants than the politicians. It’s more painfully accurate than funny.
  • I’m working a 2-3 days/week contract with FF Studio. They have an office in the Biscuit Factory. I love working in a studio with friends. Southwark Park is nice. DM me for lunches.

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