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Writing effortlessly, new job, demolition and carbon steel pans

December 05, 2021 · Tagged: note

A friend very kindly told me my writing seemed “effortless”, which is brilliant because from my side it is excruciating and I’m glad I hide that well. Doing the hard work to make it seem easy was one of the themes of Russell’s book about powerpoint, which is excellent and I devoured the book in no time. Unsurprisingly it was effortless to read. If you know me, then this is high praise as I don’t normally “do” books.

Writing more is going to be part of the new job, which I started this week. I timed my start perfectly to go to the end-of-year party and lead a third of the company to the ill-advised after drinks.

A big crack in a brick wall over a doorway

While I work the remote-office job, the builders have completed the demolition in my house. We discovered that whoever widened a doorway didn’t think to reinforce the supporting brick arch. This is the sort of british building bodgery that I am glad to be fixing. It would have collapsed in a couple of decades, and my plan is to still be alive and in the house then. The slow slog of groundworks begins for them now.

Before that ends, I have 3 months to try and source a cooker, fridge and dishwasher. You’d think this is plenty of time, but apparently not. Having agonised over whether to have gas or induction hobs and finally settling on the sensible choice of induction, the global chip shortage may force my hand anyway.

A purchase that was quick, easy and I am very satisfied with is a carbon steel frying pan to replace my teflon. I got this Salter one which is light, cheap, oven-safe, indestructible, and pre-seasoned so it’s already super non-stick. I also tried this highly rated fancy De Buyer one, but the fact it is heavy (good for searing steaks) makes it cumbersome for everything else.

If there is one piece of Russell advice I consistently fail at, it’s sticking to a single idea per blog post.

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