Departmental Review: Introduction

Exploring the more obscure parts of the civil service

November 24, 2021 · Tagged: Departmental Review

Big, bureaucratic, centralised organisations aren’t very cool at the moment. They have an image of being both inefficient dinosaurs as well as all-powerful corruption. This might not be undeserved, but it’s one-sided in a way I find both dangerous and dull. They’re good at some things, and essential for others. But given their bureaucratic nature, most of that is perceived as either too boring or too politically sensitive for the organisation itself to try and explain, retreating into the most generic management language it can.

I think this is a shame, and some of these organisations, and the people who work at them, are pretty interesting, and I’m really glad they’re doing what they do. So I’m going to try and find some and explain what they do in a way that is generous and oversimplified.

I’ll be using my professional experience to try and figure out the essence of an organisation from wikipedia and their own website. However, I’m not a journalist, so I’m not going to contact the organisation for research or a right to reply. Even if I could, they would probably make some very good but dull points I’d feel obligated to include.

I’m going to try and explain what they do as if I’m in the pub with you and I’m trying to convince you to go on a date with a friend who works there. So read it in that light.

They will all be on this blog and tagged with ‘Departmental Review’, so you can read them all on that page. First one is on the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

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