Note #2: The re-birth of the Membership prototype

October 14, 2018 · Tagged: note

3 weeks later, note number 2. On it.

I’ve been really enjoying being back in London. Travelling about this year has been great, but as always it also reminds me how much I love London. I’ve been mingling about, having fun and having as many chats with people as I can.


After various chats and mullings, I’ve decided to spend this free time I have to finally continue work on my membership prototype. My aim over the next few weeks is to get it to a place where it can be a hosted minimal viable product. I’ve kept it all open source, and you can see my progress on Github. The first step was getting multi-tenancy running so that I can easily host and manage multiple organisations. There’s a quick Trello board I’m using just for myself for this early period.

Once I’ve got that in place, I’d like to talk to some existing membership organisations to test it with, and maybe sign them up as early testers. I’ve put together a Google Form to register people who might be interested in such things.

Solar Panels

I attended my local Q&A for Solar Together, a group buying program being run by local government for putting solar panels on roofs. I was the youngest attendee by far. As an owner of an odd 160-year-old cottage in a conservation area, I had plenty of questions fully expecting to find a reason why it would never work, but so far so good! £150 refundable deposit down, we’ll see how long it lasts until we find a reason I can’t have them.


A friend of mine works at Forgotten Circus school, and she convinced me to join a ‘straps’ lesson. Here is me hanging upside down.

Me hanging upside down on straps

It. is. exhausting. Look how red my face is. I’m so glad I had a friend there as a teacher, as it was very intimidating just how incredibly strong everyone else was.

It turned out I have enough natural strength to be able to do the basics, which in some ways was great, but in others hid the fact that I am a software developer who had not only never done this before, but has avoided any strength-based exercise my entire life. If I go back again, I need to do some strength training. Sounds horrific.

London Decompression

Planning for this year’s London Decompression continues in the background. Tickets are now on sale! Buy some! While you’re at it, notice how shonky our ticket buying experience has to be due to us being a member organisation. Someone should write some better software for this.

This year looks like it will be like last year for me, so many different groups of friends from different parts of my life all in one place. Overwhelming but really lovely.


Sitting down and writing this is actually really nice, and reminds me that I have actually been quite busy. It gives me a moment to look back at my calendar, photos etc etc. More!

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